Weird Laws

Every state has them.  Odd laws and ordinances that, at some point in time made sense to someone, but are now entirely out of step with reality.  Not surprisingly, Florida is no exception and, in a season where the whole … [Read More...]

ADA Reform: Applying the Brakes on Drive-by Serial Plaintiffs Posing as Legitimate ADA Advocates

Over the last decade, there has been an influx of lawsuits for purported violations of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”) being filed across the country, particularly in California and in Florida.1  Unfortunately, one … [Read More...]

The American Rule

The American legal system has been, since its inception, adversarial.  This was the intention of its framers and is one of checks on both the judicial system and private citizens that prevents either one of them from using the courts … [Read More...]

The Shocking Effects of Poaching

The recent cruel slaughtering of the beloved thirteen year old Southwest African lion named Cecil, a collared subject of Oxford University researchers, who was lured outside the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe at night by hunters into private land only … [Read More...]

Exercise: Therapy to Work-Induced Stress

As a legal professional, it is necessary to include exercise in our daily life.  Juggling administrative tasks, multiple client matters, business meetings, counseling clients, and researching and drafting papers while managing the growth of your practice is not only time … [Read More...]

The English Language Requirement In Florida For Legal Documents

South Floridians are used to the international “flavor” of their home environment. We are a community of people from many places, of many customs, and many languages. While it seems increasingly more common for people to speak two, or even … [Read More...]