Do You Have a Crisis Management Plan?

Crisis management has been defined as the process by which an organization deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the company or its stakeholders. Before a crisis happens, business owners should think about how the situation … [Read More...]

Why Playing Hard Ball With Your Residential Real Estate Transaction May Backfire

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned veteran, a recent ruling from the Third District Court of Appeal will make you think twice about your negotiation tactics and obligations when entering into an “As Is Residential Contract … [Read More...]

The Value of Attending Automobile University

Many years ago when I was a young lawyer starting to represent businesses, I started looking for ways to learn more things that I could offer to my clients. Of course, I could read more articles about legal topics. I … [Read More...]

Family Business Law is Not Family Law: Handling Management and Legal Challenges in a Family Business

Unlike family law that deals with issues such as divorce, child custody and alimony, family business law deals with the issues associated with starting, growing and transferring your business. However, there really isn’t an official area of law called “family … [Read More...]

Mindfulness & Tiramisu- Finding the Right Mix to Make You Feel Nourished

Everyone is on the mindfulness bandwagon. We read articles, watch videoblogs, listen to podcasts, read books, write in journals- in short, we work really hard to learn and practice mindfulness. Sometimes, all this mindfulness can become overwhelming- it feels like … [Read More...]

The Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace

Companies are facing new and different challenges that were never considered in the past. Employee retention, increased government regulation, increased cost of legal compliance, global competition, political uncertainty and many other factors have created issues that owners have been forced … [Read More...]

BATTLING LLC MEMBERS – Why the Company’s Operating Agreement May Prevent You From Suing Another Member of Your LLC

The Third District Court of Appeal, in the matter Tulga Demir v. Georg Schollmeier, recently reversed a trial court’s final order granting summary judgment in favor of Appellee Georg Schollmeier. The appellate court held that the agreement governing the … [Read More...]

Weird Laws

Every state has them.  Odd laws and ordinances that, at some point in time made sense to someone, but are now entirely out of step with reality.  Not surprisingly, Florida is no exception and, in a season where the whole … [Read More...]