Our Technology

Maspons & Sellek, LLP is committed to utilizing the latest technology to provide our attorneys, clients and staff with the ability to manage and share information seamlessly and at a moment’s notice. We extend our effective use of technology to the courtroom. Our state-of-the-art computer and telecommunication systems provide us with a competitive advantage that allows for efficiency in case management and reduction of costs for our clients.

Accessibility At A Moment’s Notice

Our attorneys and staff can connect to our computer and telecommunication network from anywhere in the world at any time. Our attorneys are equipped with secured smartphones and tablets that allow continuous access to email and client documents, enabling them to perform legal research and communicate in an efficient and expedited manner.

Technology In The Courtroom 

Whether in mediation, arbitration or trial, our litigation support team is equipped with the latest courtroom presentation software and equipment that allows us to digitize and organize all case documents, diagrams, photographs, videos and depositions into an easily accessible database. This proven system allows our legal team to more effectively present witness testimony and ensures that the jury will remain engaged throughout the trial.

A Paperless Office

Maspons & Sellek, LLP is a paperless law firm. Not only is this a commitment to our environment, but our paperless system increases our efficiency, which, in turn, results in lower costs for our clients. All case documents are stored in a centralized document management system that can be securely accessed by our legal team from anywhere at any time. Scanning and indexing all documents from the inception of a claim substantially decreases costs normally incurred in document- intensive cases.