Civil Litigation

Our law firm represents individuals, small businesses and major corporations in civil litigation matters throughout South Florida. We know that good results in litigation are the product of hard work and skill. We know how to effectively prepare for trial and try cases. From the earliest stages of litigation, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the case and gather the evidence necessary to promote our client’s position. Our seasoned trial lawyers know from experience how to efficiently navigate the litigation process, how to favorably position a case, and how to persuasively present that case at trial.

Clients do not deserve a “one size fits all” approach to their legal matters.  That is why we seek to understand our clients’ legal and business objectives and to design a strategy to satisfy both those objectives. We give our clients a prompt, honest, and practical evaluation of their legal position. Our trial attorneys work closely with our transactional attorneys and draw upon their substantive expertise to better serve our clients. Our success is derived from performing high-quality legal work, efficiently and intentionally.

​Our law firm’s civil litigation practice includes contractual disputes, partnership dissolutions, and general business litigation at the state, federal and appellate court level. Due to the range of our civil litigation practice, our lawyers are experienced in general and specialized tort litigation, including products liability, negligence, intentional torts and statutory causes of action.